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It’s crazy how before you have kids you watch people and think to yourself I will NEVER be like that. I will NEVER do that. I will NEVER *achhee hemmm* raise my kids THAT way…

Boy how we eat our words. Especially as mothers.

I have recently felt the strong urge to keep my darling Noah home with me next year and homeschool for his real, true, first year of preschool. I guess I’m pre homeschooling… I used to hear of these mothers who chose to homeschool and kind of make fun of them in my head. I would think about how their children would be awkward, sheltered, a little backwards, etc. Poor little things wouldn’t know how to have friends. So sad. Well, apparently God laughed at me during these smart alack thoughts and delighted in knowing that I would soon be walking in those wonder mothers’ shoes. As I began to really research all the homeschooling realms, I realized that there were LOTS of co-ops for HS kids. Lots of activities and in general, a lot of opportunities for children to develop and grow with playmates in that certain circle. I started to not feel so badly about that aspect of it. So, that was one problematic area (that everyone wants to bring up) fixed.

Throughout my journey I began to have a deep appreciation for homeschooling mommas. I realized just how much work went into planning and preparing lessons, fun activies and crafts! Gezz, it was crazy everything out there. As I reasearched I found tons and tons of ideas and cool things I could do with my kiddos. It was starting to get kind of fun looking for things to do with them and stuff to enhance their learning. At that point I was on an emotional high! Every since I’m constantly on Pinterest and other blogs researching ideas!

All those positive things made me feel good about keeping him with me and teaching him myself, but the thing that got me really set on it was when I recently went to a Bible study about parenting. My pastor said these words to us mommas, “Ladies, nobody is going to ever love your baby the way you love them. No one is every going to hold, kiss, or take care of your babies the way you do.” (His point was directing us as to how rewarding mommyhood can be.) Wow! I don’t know if that speaks to you the way it does to me, but it really got me thinking. NO ONE will raise your babies with as much love, care, and tenderness as you do. Now there are 2 side notes to this. First, I know we all have moments, sometimes quite a few, where we aren’t exactly ”tender”. I know, I know, it doesn’t mean that we don’t love them any less or that we’re not good mommas. Remember that. Second, I know there are cases that others HAVE to step up and raise babies that aren’t theirs. This is among a few exceptions, so I don’t mean to direct this to those situations. With that being said, as I sat there it was very much confirmed that I needed to keep my Noah with me during his year of preschool. Who knows, I might even go on to be a true homeschooling momma. When I think of how much children are exposed to each day at school it makes me cringe. If I can keep my children with me and have a big say in what they get to see at an early age before they’re ready and maturally able to deal with things that only older children should confront, by golly I’m gonna do it. Sure, there will come a day that you have to release your kids and they need to be exposed to enough of the world to be able to make adult decisions and have knowledge with what they’re faced with, but that’s not (in my opinon) at the ripe old age of 6, or even 12.

It’s certainly not for everyone, I understand that. What God speaks to me isn’t what he’s speaking to my neighbor, but for this momma, the journey of finding the knowledge of how best to raise my kids is taking way. My goal is to TRY and blog on a regular basis to share this journey. I like the idea of watching myself grow during this time 🙂 I’m quite excited.

So, for now, this year, I am choosing to pre homeschool. I don’ know where it will take me but I guess I’m up to the challenge… Who would have thought?!

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