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Don’t you just love those situations that uplift you as a mother and send you to the moon?! I do! And tonight just that happened to me 🙂

We were eating dinner at Cracker Barrel tonight and my husband got up to go to the bathroom. A lady that I had barely noticed approached me as I was holding Levi and told me that she had just been talking to her husband and had to talk to me. She said that she had been watching me and my kids and was so impressed with how they were acting. That they were all so very young yet well behaved, something you tend to see so rarely nowadays. Wow! Those simple few sentences were so inspiring to me. Days and days and days and days…and days of getting onto my children to do better while out in public seemed to be paying off. Now I will admit, it was a very pleasant trip. Rarely do nights out for dinner go so well but I will say my kids were doing pretty well. Especially when you consider that they are 4, 2, and 6 months.

It’s just so uplifting when, as a mom, you are given such a great compliment! It just makes you feel like all that you are striving to pour into your children is being taken in and comprehended by them. Mommas need that type of encouragement. It’s something that really helps us to keep striving to be the best we can be and gives us the strength to keep on pouring into our children what we want them to learn!

When Brian came back I told him what she had said to me. Then I looked at him and asked if he was ready to go because I wanted to leave with that woman still thinking we were great before we had some sort of incident…

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